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At Winkle, we’ve noticed that companies often face similar business questions. Select as many of them as you like here, to see how Winkle’s evidence-based consulting can help you find answers. Forward your selection to an account director of your choice, and you’ll receive a short, insightful reply to complete the paragraphs!
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At Winkle, we’ve noticed that companies often face similar business questions. That’s why we’ve put together this page of Frequently Asked Questions: the answers give you an idea of how evidence-based consulting and market research can help you answer your questions – and they give you a short tour of the services we provide.

Feel free to select as many of the Q’s below as you like. Then forward them to an account director of your choice. You’ll soon receive an automated reply with a short, insightful answer!


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It’s a boldly simple insight: Products that elicit excitement stay desirable longer, make money longer, and require fewer iterations. Frustration on the other hand…

Consumers will spontaneously promote products that don’t frustrate them! Products that cause frustration require costly marketing to sell, however. In short: a better product sells itself. To prevent or improve frustrating products…

Tapping into a ‘hidden’ need means giving your customer something they didn’t even know they wanted. It’s surprising, and generates excitement. Marketers often identify target groups by age, by gender, by location - when what you should look for are…

This question is about the trade-off between features and price. Which features does your audience value most? What are people willing to pay - and for what benefits? Winkle regularly invites your target consumers…

You want ideas with potential, but you also want them to be deployable quickly and at manageable cost. So, you want to limit the exercise to those quick wins that fall within your current capabilities…

Winkle’s Idea Screener is the quickest way to identify winning ideas from a large batch using real and augmented consumer feedback. Separate the wheat …


Who’s using your brand? Better question: who isn’t? And why? Where are you losing customers? Winkle uses quick scan methods…

We have several tried and true methods at Winkle that can bring entirely new insights based on how your customers use your products. We arrange digital communities of users…

Ultimately your target is anyone that isn’t repeatedly buying your product yet. Because that can be a little overwhelming, at Winkle we quickly drill down …

Consumers will only consider a limited range of products. And retailers have a limit to the assortment on display. So, your winning portfolio should include…

A new category is nothing short of a ‘blue ocean’. Free from competitors. Immensely profitable, at limited cost – if…


A leader brand has usually mastered three areas of performance: awareness, distinction and availability. That's a fact. Winkle has built a pragmatic growth framework to get there while you're still small.

Good question: drawing consumers away from the competition can be one of the quickest ways to grow your market share. So find out: what excites consumers about your competitor? And…

This inspiring question is tackled firstly by an exercise in creative thinking. We break down your product and brand into its constituent properties and …

Great question! Because in our experience very few master how pricing strategies can be employed to grow the business. Marketers too often focus on features and benefits only, while selling higher can…


This is subtle work that requires keeping your eyes and ears open every day. Our researchers make a habit of keeping tabs on the market. So… what are the tell-tale signs of change? We’ve identified several…

The big consumer trends aren’t hard to spot – they’re what everyone’s talking about. The irony is that by the time they're identified, they've usually already had an impact…

Launching a new product can be nerve-wracking. Your window of opportunity is small, and intel filters through slowly. Winkle knows you need to act fast. The key here is…

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