Use consumer input
to generate new ideas
and turn existing markets
upside down.

What can Discover do for you?

In Discover, Winkle leverages untapped consumer needs and experience in search of strong ideas that will excite the market. Grow your market share, innovate your product – or even disrupt your entire category.

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    Explore your market with your customers.
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    Locate strategic growth opportunities.
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    Find hidden needs and unmet desires.
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    Get consumer feedback to prioritize ideas.
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    with your Customers
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    Target Audiences
    based on Needs
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    Prioritize ideas
    with consumer feedback

Explore with your Customers.

Learn from a dedicated online consumer audience.

Winkle can connect you with a hand-picked, dedicated community of articulate consumers. Interacting jointly with the community for several weeks provides in-depth insights into their current habits, attitudes and behaviors. These insights serve to identify new avenues for product development.

The resulting output plots their sources of excitement, their frustrations and their unexplored desires regarding your brand, product or category.

An interactive concluding workshop for Consumer-based Exploration puts your team in the consumer’s shoes, to apply and articulate new-found insights together.

  • Dig deep with consumers to understand their habits, needs and frustrations.
  • Iterative feedback allows for quick adjustment.
  • Various tools for inspiration: forum discussions, drawing sessions, ethnography, shopping missions and video reporting, etc.
  • Immersive updates keep you engaged during the live phase.
  • Additional optional modules on request.
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    Articulate communities

    Online communities consist of articulate, constructive consumers with extensive experience in your category and with your product.

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    Repeated interaction

    Short feedback loops allow you to ask your community deeper questions to gain a clearer picture of what they think.

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    Longer run-time

    A run-time of about two to three weeks yields a treasure trove of insights that guide business objectives for years to come.

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    Real insights

    Winkle reports are clearly worded and always offer actionable, evidence-based advice.

Discover what customers want

Find new customers based on their needs.

What matters in marketing isn’t age groups or income groups. It’s what people desire in life. Winkle works to discover the most commonly felt needs among your audience – and segments them for precision targeting.

We use the multi-method approach of a main survey plus an online diary. The diary approach allows a harvest of respondent data, with needs and motivations still fresh in mind.

Who’s using your category? Who isn’t – and what’s stopping them? Who’s ready to switch brands or purchase the upgrade? Who wants the bells and whistles? Who just wants the basics?

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    Deep insight into situational needs

    Needs are situational rather than personal. Finding a hidden need, means uncovering an entirely new sales space.

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    Full study first, then lighter updates.

    Needs-based segmentation is a resource-heavy study. Lighter follow-up studies can keep its profound insights up-to-date.

Map Opportunities.

Quickly map your market to spot emergent opportunities.

Who’s using your brand? Who isn’t, and why? What can you improve to enhance your reach? Isolate the short-term, tactical growth opportunities with Winkle, to score quick wins in your category.

Winkle quickly generates a map of your existing and your potential audience in a category.

The resulting output is concise and actionable – ready to generate decisions. The low investment of this kind of research allows for an iterative approach to monitor progress over time, leading to ever stronger indications for decision making.

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    Spot white spaces.
    Spot white spaces.

    Learn what excites and frustrates in your category. Spot areas for improvement and innovation before your competitors do.

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    Reach hundreds, quickly.
    Reach hundreds, quickly.

    The online surveys we build can quickly reach hundreds of consumers.

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    Quick 'dipstick' setup
    Quick 'dipstick' setup

    Quick and cost-effective setup allows more frequent deployment for cumulative insight over time.

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    Example variables:

    Purchase drivers, purchase barriers, needs, attitudes, behavioral insights, brand positions…

Screen (Co-review) Insights

Find out which insights make a difference.

The Insight Screener provides quick, cost-effective quantitative and qualitative consumer insights analysis. This allows you to hear above the noise – and get to what really matters.

Market research generates a wealth of insights into consumer behavior, preferences and frustrations. But which insights actually mean business? Find out with the Insight Screener.

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    Fun and insightful!

    Screeners use online surveys to acquire input. Those are usually quite boring, but we take great care at Winkle to provide an entertaining experience!

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    Part of a larger research?

    We typically apply the screener tool to a batch of insights we acquired earlier from other, more sweeping approaches such as Needs-Based Segmentation or Explore with Consumers. Ask our account directors how.

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    Experienced and alert

    Analysts at Winkle are all seasoned researchers with multiple major research projects behind their belt. Their experience shows in the insights we deliver and in the analysis we perform.

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    Concrete questions

    Quickly break down an insight into its strengths and weaknesses. To acquire optimal clarity, we ask a mix of open and closed questions.

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