Build better concepts with consumer input and market insights.

What can Develop do for you?

What is your minimum viable product? Which features will drive purchase?

In Develop, Winkle applies consumers’ fresh input to your design process. Remove their frustrations, and you make way for their excitement.

Slash fail costs and boost confidence.

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    Prioritize your ideas based on their ability to excite.
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    Float ideas or concepts among critical audiences.
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    Get consumers to design your ideal product.
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    Find the optimal balance between features and pricing.
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    Develop concepts
    with consumers
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    Screen ideas
    with your future customers
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    Build ideal concepts
    with your audience
Develop with consumers

Review your concept with a dedicated online community.

Winkle builds online, dedicated communities to evaluate your new product ideas and/or concepts from a consumer perspective. Get pragmatic insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your product idea, full concept or prototype.

We hand-pick creative, articulate consumers who are:

  • keen to collaborate
  • keen to make sense of what current solutions lack
  • articulate ideas for improvement
  • selected specifically for your project.
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    Articulate feedback

    Benefit from well-considered feedback at the individual and group level.

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    Deep questioning

    Use various tools: forum discussions, drawing sessions, mark-up tools, mini surveys, poll questions, on- or offline shopping safari etc.

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    Repeated iterations

    Quickly adjust your line of inquiry if something interesting comes up.

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    Expert moderation and analysis

    Develop concepts with consumers, facilitated by expert researchers at Winkle.

Screen ideas

Quickly run multiple ideas by a keen online crowd.

Online idea review is the quickest way to identify winning ideas from a large batch using consumer feedback. Find your winning ideas and identify suggestions for improvement quickly.

Winkle helps you prioritize and optimize a substantial batch of early-stage ideas by allowing a large group of respondents to comment responsively but critically. This is called ‘screening’ ideas for their potential. The module comprises a powerful online survey that delivers results in clear, actionable language and visual, engaging reports.

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    Gather input...

    We submit a concise online survey to an articulate crowd of consumers.

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    Input becomes insight...

    Our experienced human and digital analysts aggregate the input data to derive powerful insights.

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    Insight becomes action!

    We deliver clear reports and strong visuals to make for easy decision making.

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    Sample questions:

    To what extent do you agree with the idea?
    Are you excited about the idea? Why? Why not?
    How much potential do you see in this idea?
    To what extent does this idea stand out from other ideas?

Co-build your ideal concept

Find the ideal trade-off between features and price.

Winkle can invite an online or offline audience to create their ideal version of your product or service. Picking and choosing from a selection of features in a simulation, we gradually pinpoint what your audience is willing to pay – and for which features.

We start with the base version of your product. By adding and removing features, your audience creates their ideal version. Because we test each feature at different price points, and we continuously observe which options people prefer, we find out how much your customers are willing to pay for added functions and variations.

Our aggregated output shows you instantly which features are appreciated most, and where you should set your pricing.

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    Modify your concept and see...

    Add or remove features, price tiers, availability levels – and see if they’d buy.

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    Reach hundreds, quickly.

    The concept building module can quickly reach hundreds of consumers.

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    Locate the ideal tradeoff

    Strike the trade-off between features and pricing.

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    Find the sweet spot.

    Who wants the bells and whistles? Who just wants the basics? Find exactly which features trigger purchase.

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