Keep up with what they’re saying about your brand online.

What can Deploy do for you?

Keeping track of product performance after launch is crucial to maximizing long-term excitement and profitability.

In Deploy, Winkle harvests and analyzes the live torrent of quantitative and qualitative feedback, and produces actionable, concise learnings for your brand.

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    Keep track of what’s being said online.
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    Learn what excites and what frustrates.
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    Know when to adjust features, pricing or replace products.
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    Review brand assets for penetrative power.
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    Analyze online opinions
    harvested by the thousands.
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    Assess brand asset power
    by asking consumers directly.
Analyze online opinions

Listen and learn from online consumer conversations.

The stakes are high when launching new products in crowded consumer markets. Winkle brings the power of social listening to market research to deliver a deep understanding of your brand or product.

We focus on reviews and ratings from a host of general as well as category-specific platforms to track consumer excitement or frustration. The actionable insights we distil from live consumer feedback are delivered in time to improve your marketing communications and go-to-market strategy.

The defining benefit: speed.

We capture the verbatim almost as soon as it’s there, scraping reviews from a wide array of reliable review platforms. You’ll be drawing your conclusions, deciding on which benefits to highlight and getting some insights for the next round of product innovation – before the competition even knows what’s written.

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    Articulate communities

    Online communities consist of articulate, constructive consumers with extensive experience in your category of with your product.

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    Deep questioning

    Short feedback loops allow you to ask your community deeper questions to gain a clearer picture of what they think.

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    Longer run-time

    A run-time of about two to three weeks yields a treasure trove of insights that will guide business objectives for years to come.

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    Real insights

    Winkle delivers clear reports and actionable, evidence-based advice.

Review brand assets

What makes your brand? What might break it?

Your strongest brand assets are those elements of your brand that consumers recognize instantly. Assessing the strength of brand assets indicates where your brand might be easily overshadowed by the competition – and how to respond.

Strong brand assets are those elements of your brand that are uniquely associated with a specific brand by a large number of consumers.

When reviewing your brand assets, we present a large batch of respondents with a series of brand assets – both from your brand and others. The output gives insight into both the uniqueness and the familiarity of your brand’s tangible and intangible assets.

Our clear and concise reporting then shows you which assets you might capitalize on, which to consider changing and which to consider leaving behind.

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